Five Hat Recommendations For Summer
April 29, 2008, 2:06 pm
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The Havana Straw Fedora

Not only will this hat keep your scalp safe from the sun’s rays, but it will be light enough to avoid cranium over heating. $28 US, Urban Outfitters.

Christy’s Crown Cal Straw Fedora

The darker version of the Havana Fedora, the Christy’s Crown Cal provides the same protection and straw weave look, in a darker shade. $28, Urban Outfitters.

Lendy by Christy’s Crown

Navy, for the cheeky ones. Found at Hats In The Belfry, $58.

I honestly would not recommend H.I.T.B., as their shipping charges to Canada are insanity, though the choice is yours.

Italian Straw Boater Hat (2 inch brim)

A glorious export to compliment your Band of Outsiders look. $98, Baron Hats (though I’m confident you can find one at your local vintage shop for cheaper)

Two-Tone Porkpie Straw Hat

A nice two tone weave to shake things up a bit, while not getting too out of hand. $85, (the same advice goes for this one as the Boater hat…check vintage stores locally first!)

If you are still unsure if you can make the straw hat a staple in your wardrobe, get reassured of its style presence from these designer’s collections:


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Nice of you to leave a comment. Its not true that cropped jackets are no longer trendy. They have been seen on the Spring/Summer 2008 like Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Christopher Kane, Alexander Wang, Givenchy and much more that I can’t remember now.

Anyway, my post was about leather jackets for spring/summer, and cropped leather jackets just seem practical.

Comment by curellasays

@curellasays: Perhaps I wasn’t clear. The styles of jackets featured were almost identical to designs from two years ago.

I think the line lacks creativity.

Comment by Victoria Potter

I have a straw fedora by Big It Up from Edie’s hates. Love it.

Comment by Thomas

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