How To Properly Wear Lamé

Metallics are fantastic. Everyone knows this and sometimes we can take it a bit overboard. I figured I’d share some helpful points to remember:

  • Don’t make lamé the central part of the oufit. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone wearing only a t-shirt and the leggings. Keep the metallics as more of a visual icing, rather than the whole cake. If you’re wearing the leggings, try layering socks and boots, as well as a skirt or shorts. Having the additional layers gives your outfit balance, weight and keeps you from looking too much like a space cadet.
  • Be careful what you’re showcasing. If you’ve got large thighs, generally you won’t want to wrap them in liquid silver. Pick your best attributes to highlight; not your worst. If you’re planning on rocking lamé on the beach, you need to be especially careful. That shine will draw light and eyes directly on you!
  • Don’t commit too much lamé to one ensemble. The rule of thumb is this: one piece for one outfit. Having a metallic bandeau top as well as a headband and bicycle shorts. Don’t distract the public! Make sure their eyes go to the one area you’re choosing to highlight that day or evening.
  • You don’t have to be a visual spectacle to wear lamé. There are other options, including black, eel (textured) or matte metallics! These are a more low key option, yet still in the realm of fun that is lamé.

Have loads of fun, and be careful…this fabric scratches and dulls like the dickens. Get the most excitement you can out of each wear!

How To Properly Wear Lamé
This is what happens to those who commit lamé fashion crimes.
Ok, maybe I exaggerate…
Photo by beepolop on flickr


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