Consider This My Official Ringing Endorsement For Joe Clothing

This weekend, I discovered the goldmine that was Joe clothing at Superstore.

Now, I was always a gigantic skeptic at the possible success and wearability of this line, but I took some time this weekend to visit my local location and was thoroughly impressed.

Not all the pieces are featured on the Joe website, but let me assure you there is more of a selection in-store. A few of the more choice items are below: the marine coat ($39), nautical wide leg pant ($29), and mini stripe polo ($12).

Most of these pieces aren’t especially fantastic on their own, but they spell magic for all layering opportunities.

For instance, one ensemble I’ threw together yesterday was: the red striped polo, grey herringbone tie (H&M) with a vintage gold crown pin (of course), a navy boxy 60s blazer (Joe), skinny black jeans, and new oxfords.

The polo wasn’t the main event, but the shirt pulled everything together!

Treat these pieces as the supporting acts of your wardrobe, and you’ll step your look up a few notches instantly and without great cost.

I would suggest checking out the stripe mod dress ($16), as well as a few of their nautical striped t-shirts ($10).

Be warned, though; not every Superstore has a wide selection of Joe. I found that the locations towards the countryside had a better selection than downtown Vancouver (go figure), so you may have to hit a few locations before you strike the mother lode!


Those damn nautical pants must have been made for short folks, because I tried them without shoes on, and I was ready for the Fraser River to overflow.  Goddammit!!  Joe: get a tall section instigated, ASAP!

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By the countryside do you mean Suburnaby? 😛 My closest location is in Metrotown.

Comment by Sabrina

@Sabrina: I mean in…prepare yourself..Abbotsford. The Abbotsford Superstore is a bloody jackpot!

Comment by Victoria Potter

I don’t even think I’m in Abbotsford once in a blue moon. Oh well, that’s what summer is for. Less studying and more time for scouting out good finds.

Comment by Sabrina

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