A Vest Is Best

This post stemmed from an MSN conversation my friend Quentin and I had earlier today.  During this chat, we agreed that a well made vest is an unappreciated and under worn part of the average person’s wardrobe.

Thus, I am appealing to you all: experiment with the vest!

Like formal blazers being added to a more casual outfit, the same can be done with a vest.  I’ve seen some pretty dapper men out there wearing skinny cords, a formal well-fitting vest with just a t-shirt underneath.  This technique steps up your look with very little effort involved!

One of the best features of the vest is they are easily made unisex.   As you can see from the photo below, this is a look that can be duplicated on a man as easily as on a woman.

This is a piece that is very versatile in your wardrobe, and can potentially be purchased for quite cheaply.  Remember, you can always pick up something and have it altered at a local tailor.

Best places to score a vest in Vancouver:

Mintage Vintage (vintage / map)

Burcu’s Angels (vintage / map)

Deluxe Junk (vintage / map)

The Block (new / map)

Lark 8th Ave (new / map)

Roden Gray (new / map)

Jonathan + Olivia (new / map)

A Vest Is Best
Photo by the coveted on flickr

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