Your Guide To Successfully Mixing Metallics
March 21, 2008, 8:33 pm
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This one can be tricky and easily buggered up, but the bottom line is simple: choose metallics that compliment each other, and your look will be transformed.

Why most have not been successful at mixing metallics:

When you blend uncomplimentary and harsh colors, they clash. This can work to your advantage for some fabrics and colors; but let’s face it: bright silver and yellow gold aren’t meant to party together.

Contrary to what many believe, this is combination is not impossible to pull off. Imagine a duller gold together with a brushed silver. Both tones aren’t as garish, and blend together, rather than both fight for attention.

Wearing gold, silver and/or copper together isn’t impossible, but there are factors to consider.

When you’re in the market for a new piece of jewelry, first examine it and identify if the shades work together well. Another example of a piece to avoid is the image below; the textures do not work for the dull silver and polished yellow gold. Alternatively, an antique (or well made antique replica) piece with more of a baroque design will carry the contrasting tones well, and work with jewelry details.

Your Guide To Successfully Mixing Metallics

Certain designs will almost always work better with contrasting metals; antique metal work usually follows most of these guidelines. Antiques lack the garishness of the latter decades, and have the wear of time on the metals. For instance, the antique button pictured has a slight tarnish to the silver; yet it only works to further compliment both the silver and gold.

Your Guide To Successfully Mixing Metallics

Coordinate your entire outfit, not just your jewelry.

The same complimentary tones and shades rules go for the clothing you will be wearing along with your jewelery. The last thing one would want after carefully selecting a brooch, bracelet and earring combination is for your work to be undone by a gold trim on your blazer that does not match the gold in the metal you are wearing.

Basically, this is all about taking a few minutes to do the once-over instead of rushing out the door. That few extra minutes can really make the difference between average and amazing; so invest in a floor length mirror, some bright bulbs and you’ll do a-OK.



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