Kate Moss’ Spring/Summer 2008 Topshop Collection Utterly Bombs
March 18, 2008, 6:36 pm
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This collection is in a sad state of affairs.

Around this time last year, scores of eager shoppers were waiting in a thick line outside the Oxford location of Topshop for the latest Kate Moss branded clothes. This year, there is no line. Not only that, there was a complete lack on online interest for the latest from the high street retailer.

Aside from being insanely overpriced, this collection is overall drab and lifeless. The range is devoid of color; save for the cocktail dresses which use a red and blue that look too desaturated to fit with a summer look.

There is a large hippie/ethnic influence to most of the pieces which will be alienating any savvy city shoppers who may not want to look like Pocahontas time warped her way into 2008.

That being said, there were a few pieces that caught my eye that I would consider purchasing if the prices were reduced. For instance, the beaded cape is very cool and would pull together an evening look wonderfully; but not for £80.00. Additionally, for those wanting to ship any of these pieces across the pond, our price points automatically double (and that’s before any shipping fees are tagged to the final price!)

The highlights of the collection (which look curiously like what my favourites would be if a Fall 2008 collection is pulled together):

Kate Moss’ Spring/Summer 2008 Topshop Collection Utterly Bombs
Bead and Sequin Cape, £80.00
Striped Cardigan, £40.00
Boyfriend Blazer, £70.00

It does not take a rocket scientist (or a queen of cliché for that matter) to see that Topshop will suffer when it comes to sales now and throughout the future unless a drastic overhaul is done when it comes to pricing and designing. Regardless, I can’t see the Kate Moss line continuing for very much longer.

The way I figure it, the likely outcome of this disaster is another fresh name (perhaps Agyness Deyn?) will be taking over her duties at Topshop in the near future.

Check out the complete 5th Collection from Kate Moss at Topshop


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I agree- the cardigan and the boyfriend jacket are probably the cutest pieces…and for what they are they are quite over priced. I think things are going down for Kate Moss’s collection because shes 36 and should be retiring…and with Aygness Deyn everywhere you go…who wants to buy clothes from an “almost” has been model? Give us a collection by Aygness!

Comment by rachelekehler

I just read asuch a good review in the Observer that I went and looked at the line. “Utterly boms” is my thought exactly. The Observer doesn’t know anything.

Comment by Colette

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