Fortune Magazine Predicts Hipsters As ….Hip?

Well not in so many words, but according to the article on Fortune’s website detailing “5 Hot Fashion Trends for ’08”, scarves and designer sneakers are on the official mainstream hip list.

Basically, a hipster’s main staples in their wardrobe is their scarf (be it in summer or winter time, it does not matter) and some sort of designer sneaker; usually Nike, but after this predicted casual designer shoe explosion who knows.

There are whisperings that bigger designer labels are getting clamouring to get a piece of the casual footwear pie. Names like Lacoste and Michael Kors are designing shoes, and less known labels such as Creative Recreation (their gold and black shoe is pictured below) are putting their collections together for the summer buying mob.

I’m seeing an image of Kanye West’s style here. The man loves his designer sneakers and wears them with anything, even suits. Bear in mind though people, you must be pretty damn outrageous to pull that look off.

Fortune Magazine Predicts Hipsters As ….Hip?

Many labels have featured silk and knit scarves on their models, such as Balenciaga. Prepare to see more people trying to wear them. If you are going to wear a scarf, be mindful about the many ways to tie them (post coming soon!). Though the fashion house examples cited by Fortune are from Fall 2007, the trend is projected to rage on into 2008.

Try to be creative with the colors and patterns of your silk and embellishments, and what you are wearing them with. For instance, try to avoid the a-typical keffiyeh-and-t-shirt combo. The image below is of a model on the Balenciaga Fall 2007 runway; this can give you an example of a creative way to wear your scarves.

Fortune Magazine Predicts Hipsters As ….Hip?


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Creative Recreation (not Reaction) is ‘fun’ for your feet.

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