Yes, Colored Denim Is Still On For Spring & Summer 2008

Thankfully, colored denim is not ready to throw in the pastel towel just yet.

Keeping this particular style goes along swimmingly with the pastel trend already shown to be fully alive on the spring and summer 2008 runways.

Vancouverites; if you’re looking to go jewel or pastel on your bottom half, Dutil in Gastown is your best bet for premium labels and choice. However, if you’re not prepared to drop a few bills (in most, not all cases) then you have a few options available within the city.

  • American Apparel, $75 CA. Be forewarned, these are also “mineral”, or acid washed. The color array in’t very extensive (mostly purples and blues)
  • Urban Outfitters, $49-78 CA. The biggest piss off with UO is the variance between what is available online and in-store. While the site may show a lack of selection, I have been to the Vancouver location within the last two weeks and seen a multitude of colored denim. Granted, these colors are definitely less vibrant than other labels out there, but if you aren’t as bold as some fashionistas out there this may be the store to check out.
  • Winners may yield some results. Like every Winners visit, it’s a crapshoot; but your chances are decent (especially the location on Robson and Granville where they feature “The Runway at Winners”).
  • Holt Renfrew will have all the labels including dVb denim, but the collection won’t be as extensive as at Dutil and should not be ventured into by the faint of wallet.

The most notable runway appearance for colored denim was on the spring ’08 runway for Gucci (men, shown below in green). While Gucci denim is out of most price points, I managed to find a green pair last summer while in London at Urban Outfitters.

For a good example of how to wear colored denim in another cut than the default skinny choice, look to Victoria Beckham’s dVb line (below). Though these ones will inevitably cost you (prices range from $220-300 per pair), Posh rarely steers us off course.

The rose denim below is from Kate Moss’ clothing line by Topshop. Jeans by Kate generally run at £50.00 (around $100 CA) and can now be mailed to the US, but not yet Canada. I scouted the Topshop site today, and this particular pair is currently not in their online store.

If you’re still not ready to make the commitment, there is the tights and leggings alternative. Read more about this trend.

There are different style guidelines for Fall…make sure you’re aware!

Yes, Colored Denim Is Still On For Spring & Summer 2008

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