Gsus Spring 2008 Collection: Not Even Sub Par

I expected far better than what I saw.

For those unfamiliar; Gsus is a very unique Dutch label, and I expect to see far more creativity demonstrated than what was shown on their official site. From the “collections” splash page, I expected to see a sort of disco viking theme for the collection.

I explored further. I found the men’s collection to be extremely dull. The pieces consisted of block colored generic t-shirts, branded golf-style polos, hoodies and denim. These are all items that could have been found at any American Apparel or Urban Outfitters branch. It was a complete lack of creativity on the part of the label.

Not Even Sub Par

The women’s collection was slightly less boring, yet still had nothing original. Most of these shirts and jackets I feel I have already seen in previous months; there was not one truly stand out piece that redeemed the ’08 collection.

Not Even Sub Par

My problem is this: any of these items could have come from any other store; if you look beyond the Gsus branding on the pieces. The designs did not push the boundaries like I’ve seen the brand do before. They seem to be playing it very safe this season; to their loyal customers’ disappointment.

This perturbs me because one does not buy Gsus clothing for simple and plain qualities. The clothing is far too expensive for this! When you pay upwards of $90-$130 for a simple sweater, you come to expect a bit more out of the design than a monochrome v-neck.

With this all being said; I did enjoy the ladies Bruce Lee red nylon funnel neck jacket, the grey Haunted House dress and Kimoto lace shirt (all women’s). There was nothing I was particularly fond of in the men’s set.

Gsus: I had higher expectations for you. I hope you do more for your customer base in Fall ’08.


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i completely agree. i have ahd my eye on bruce lee fora while now, and am getting ready to amke a purchase. do you know where i can order it from? i’m even more perturbed by the company’s lack of online orderability through the website.

any insight i would greatly appreciate!

Comment by Kristen

@Kristen: you’re going to have to check your local stores for who carries Gsus, since Heaven’s Playground stores are few and far between.

Since I’m not sure what area you’re located, I’d phone a handful of local boutiques and see if any carry that particular piece.

If that does not pan out, you may be able to find some online retailers but my initial searches didn’t locate anything :/

Comment by Victoria Potter

demi, demi, demi,

Maybe you just don’t get it? Excuse me, but aren’t you Canadian or something? That likely explains it. But having a fashion blog doesn’t make you any sort of expert honey. I’m sure your friends might look up to you but who else does?

Comment by blair

What does being Canadian have to do with anything? Besides that, what am I supposed to “get”? This was a shitty collection; perhaps you would be so kind as to explain how you think I am so wrong.

I’ll leave you with the stereotypical “don’t like it, don’t read it” statement, as you obviously aren’t savvy enough to realize that yourself.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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