Attention Vancouverites! Who Is The Best Local Tailor?
February 13, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Where do you take your pieces?
How much do they take you for?
Why is it that you love them so?

Your experiences will help me compile a “best of” list of local tailors.

Alternatively, if you’ve had some terrible experiences at a local shop; post them and I’ll throw together a respective tailor shit list.

So? Let’s hear it!

I’ve also included an ancient photo (below) of a super pissy tailor from the days of yore for your enjoyment.

Attention Vancouverites! Who Is The Best Local Tailor?

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Vivien’s Fashion
1180 Bidwell Street

best place in the city in my opinion NEVER had a problem, and she has done emergency pants hemming for me and it has still only been around 20 bucks. her pricing considering how good she is are amazing!

Comment by gusgreeper

Albert’s (above value vintage) is good for cheap mends on jeans, though I wouldn’t take anything too fancy there.

He mended some 7’s for me for about $15

Comment by Quentin

Townline Tailors across from Pacific Centre.

Comment by Na'im

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