My Favourite Bits From Pre-Fall 2008

Though it feels (for Vancouverites at least) that winter is never ending; the time has come to review the best of pre-fall 2008. There are some fun shapes and colors ready to grace our wardrobes once the next dull weather extravaganza hits us once more:

My Favourite Bits From Pre-Fall 2008My Favourite Bits From Pre-Fall 2008

Chloé gives us a preview of glorious contrasting jewel tones on legs and imaginative boots. As we all know, greys and blacks rule the day when it comes to the dreary seasons; and these last breaths of summer offer a welcomed visual reprieve.

Chanel features a tiny jeweled bag reminiscent of our grandmother’s favorite change purse; only on a chain. While the original will cost a mint; this is one that is reasonably easily found in both vintage and new retail environments ranging in prices. Of course, the more beading and detail work you’re looking for, the higher the price.

My Favourite Bits From Pre-Fall 2008My Favourite Bits From Pre-Fall 2008

Chanel delivers once again with a draping multi strand necklace. This design can be fashioned with a bit of handiwork using multiple chains; or look for clones to hit the high street near you.

Now, the most fantastic and lust-worthy boots come straight from Balenciaga. Slouchy black leather create this wonderful footwear which has vast potential for wear with nearly everything one owns for the fall season.

My Favourite Bits From Pre-Fall 2008

My Favourite Bits From Pre-Fall 2008

Proenza Schouler was the most impressive full package overall. Everything about these ensembles worked well together; especially the fur collars, cropped sleeves and leather gloves.

For a bit of a harder (and warmer) look, one could pair these pieces with Topshop Unique’s leather leggings. My advice would be to keep your eyes out for fall apparel sales, while keeping in mind the shapes and colors of pre-fall 2008.

I’ll be sure to drop some serious hints if I can locate leather leggings at Topshop this summer!


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