Men’s Suit Trends For Spring 2008
February 7, 2008, 10:06 pm
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  • Cropped bottoms. Floods are no longer a threat to soiling your pants. This cut was usually worn with very low or no socks; or in combination with a boot.
Men’s Suit Trends For Spring 2008
  • Minimalistic layering. Light dress shirts and fabrics that move easily were paired with the atypical suit jackets and pants. Band of Outsiders was a prime utilizer of this look. As summer creeps around once more and hotter weather plagues our cities; keep minimalistic layering in mind.
Men’s Suit Trends For Spring 2008
(Band of Outsiders)
  • Two and three button suits. The look of leaving one button (or all) undone was prominent. Burberry Prorsum and Dsquared are fine examples of designers following this trend. This also facilitates some inner-suit air conditioning as the temperature raises outside.
Men’s Suit Trends For Spring 2008
(Burberry Prorsum)
  • Matching dress shorts. These were also very prevalent as pairings with suit jackets. As usual, lengths ran from quite short to a moderate 3/4 down the thigh. It all depends on you how high those shorts will go. Just think how cute those would look with a pair of suspenders!

Men’s Suit Trends For Spring 2008

(Miu Miu)


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in regards to the shorts, what is your opinion on leg hair?

Comment by ajax

@ajax: it should be thinned to the point of near death, though not removed.

Comment by Victoria Potter

wouldnt leg stubble be worse though?

Comment by ajax

@ajax: I think being hairless would look more bizarre

Comment by Victoria Potter

Thanks for the menswear coverage. I don’t know if local men (including myself) are going to try these trends (especially the blazer and shorts combination – great if you’re a British school boy), but it definitely creates an appreciation for the wardrobe classics (a non-gimmicky suit).

Comment by Emmy

@Emmy: I think as long as the shorts are a shade longer (perhaps traditional dress length) they would be fine for N.America. I’m glad you enjoyed them. I hope someday Canadians and Americans can be as adventurous with their wardrobes as the Europeans!

Comment by Victoria Potter

Geez, we spent years waiting for the super-baggy thing to blow over. Now are we’re gonna have to spend years waiting for the high-waters thing to blow over.

Comment by anduarto

i hope there is more selection LOL

Comment by aaron

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