Tips For Successfully Wearing A Trench Coat

As we trudge through our damp and dreary rainy seasons, one style is guaranteed to be shown prolifically throughout the streets of wherever you call home: the trench.

Now, not everyone can wear every type of trench coat. As with any piece, there are certain limitations one must observe when it comes to their own body; be it with height or shape.

For my tall comrades: the longest of these coats is within your reach. Having long legs affords us the ability to wear traditionally longer cuts. Ladies and gents of shorter stature: avoid this length like the plague; as it will only add to a lesser vertical vision.

For shorter guys and gals: a belted waist length trench is the cut for you. Having the belt will showcase your waistline, and the shorter fabric length will give you more height. I would also recommend that you avoid trenches that gather in a tulip-style at the bottom, as it also adds a heavy look to your silhouette.

Ladies can lengthen their legs by wearing combinations such as black tights and heeled ankle boots to show off their legs. For men, slim slacks or denim makes your silhouette jump.

Last bits to keep in mind:

  • Unless you have the diameter of a sapling, avoid coats with external pockets or anything else that will give the illusion of additional weight to your frame.
  • To accentuate the waist, be sure to purchase a belted trench.
  • If you are going for a fur collar, check to see if it is removable. Not all weather condition (especially on the west coast) are ideal for consistent wearing of pelts.
  • Take a look at more practical coats before you venture down the path of a fancy trench. While very cute and expressive, these also aren’t wearable as often (see below photo).

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Tips For Successfully Wearing A Trench CoatTips For Successfully Wearing A Trench Coat


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People should wear trenches like this:

Comment by erin reiger

I own a black Burberry trench much like that one (only not double breasted)…the only downer is the huge-ass pricetag. $1300 is damn pricey (but worth it, yes)

Comment by Victoria Potter

that red coat is fantastic 😛

Comment by Alexa Booth

Ok, I have a question… I am very tall and have long legs… but I have also wide hips… but now I fell in love with this trench coat and I really don’t know if it would look good on me or if my butt would just be FAT!!! anyone has an answer!?!?

Comment by Laura

by the way… that’s the trench coat I fell in love with!

Comment by Laura

@Laura: that particular model is perfect, since the dressier skirt is free fitting. A-line dresses are exactly what you want to wear to hide wide hips or your bum. I say go for it!

Comment by Victoria Potter

im thinking of buying a trench but i like it best with stockings underneath, but are you supposed to also wear a skirt or dress?

Comment by Mel

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