Exciting News For Mens Fashion: The Topman Lens Collection Is Coming!
February 2, 2008, 7:22 pm
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The world of Topman will soon be stepping up to a higher level of menswear chic.

The preview photos show rather muted colors and plain yet stylish designs.  These pieces are more reminiscent of highly priced runway pieces that are set apart from the atypical highstreet shopping experience. 

 The looks remind me of the simplistic looks and layering demonstrated this season by Band of Outsiders and Comme des Garçons.  From the rumblings I’ve seen online, prices will range from about $147 to about $330 US.

This is a bit of a stretch from the ususal Topman price points (approximatley £70.00 for a jacket, £25.00 for a dress shirt), but there is no question that as soon as these hit the highstreet they will be disappearing off the shelves as fast as they appear.

According to Brandish (a fantastic Brit mens style blog), the collection will hit shelves during March. I’m planning on checking the Topman Lens collection out in person during the summer.  According to the Topshop site, they now ship to the USA (how exciting!), so grab up those credit cards and keep your eyes to the internets, shoppers!

View the official Topman Lens press release here.

The Topman Lens Collection Is Coming! 

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hello my ambiguous internet name is lolz and i am here to bash your blog. I may be a jealous cow, but that is of no importance. you suck and i hate you and such. as i am wirting this, my granny panties and tights are riding up but i dont care, i look amazing, bodysuits rock. die hipster doofuses and such.

Comment by lolz


Comment by Victoria Potter

but really, now that i’ve gotten that out of my system, im going to go back to sirens and buy some maaafuckinnn TAIGHTS. and granny panties. at zellers. (die hipster doofuses).

Comment by lolz

Saw the amazing YSL collection for fall 2008-9; any ideas where one can aquire pieces as designed by Stefano Pilati?

Comment by Emmy

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