Dominique Cohen Jewelry On Sale At
January 30, 2008, 9:34 pm
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As usual, Target’s Go:International designers hit the mark. Dominique Cohen’s jewelry line has been released for a few months now, and has some of the best pieces on clearance for extremely cheap prices.

Some of my favourites (that I will be ordering) include:

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Cameo chain necklace (black)
Sale price: $12.49 (save $37.50)

This was undoubtedly the pick of the litter. While the list on does not specify what it is carved out of, I own the copper version of this necklace which has a cameo carved from abalone. This design is a chic update on a traditional favourite, and the black allows maximum versitility for wear.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Ball chain necklace (gunmetal)
Sale price: $20.99 (save $9.00)

A great layering piece which adds gusto if added to the rest of the collection, or worn on its own. The length also affords a double wrap around the neck, or a long single strand.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Lace covered bead necklace with ribbon tie (black)
Sale price: $20.99 (save $9.00)

Also a fantastic piece to add depth and energy to a multi-necklace look. The ribbon tie also adds a feminine air, as well as an instant jewelry length adjustor at your discretion.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Three strand pearl tie necklace (black)
Sale price: $14.99 (save $45.00)

A total shopping score price wise, and convenient, too! Without having to mess around with three clasps, you get the three-strand look without the fuss.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

12mm Pearl stud earrings (black)
Sale price: $10.49 (save $4.50)

Freshwater pear studs at a fraction of the price. These go with everything, and can be dressed up or down respectively. You can’t go wrong.

There is a multitude of other items still available online, check the rest of the stock out here. Don’t waste time, the remaining pieces are selling out fast!

To fellow Canadians: Target only ships throughout America, so have your items sent to the closest shipping receiver. I use Ship Happens in Sumas; they charge $4 to pick up each package.


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How long does it take to get to Sumas?

Comment by doozy

@doozy: Sumas is parallel to Abbotsford, so 45 minutes approx. from Vancouver on a good traffic day . I believe they can also ship goods to you after they receive them as well…you would have to send them an email to confirm though.

Comment by Victoria Potter

That’s pretty sweet. I had talked to someone about this before because when you order something like shoes from Zappos, they take like 3 weeks and it costs money for shipping, when really, Vancouver itself is reasonably close to the border, so how come it takes three times as long to get here? I’ll have to try this out though…Target has some sweet stuff!

Comment by Doozy

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