Vancouver Fashion Designer Kim Cathers Selling Designs Online

Local Vancouver Fashion Designer Kim Cathers Now Offering Kdon Designs For Sale Online!Ok, everyone. If you haven’t heard of the magical fabric stylings Kim Cathers has to offer (or require a convenient refresher), then listen up!

Right now, Kim is going full-tilt on her fashion design business. Usually, threads like these are highly priced at local boutiques with a limited selection. By taking advantage and buying online, you can get a custom fit and designed piece that fits your shape and more importantly, personality.

The kdon look is about more than just her trademark hat designs.

Kim’s latest work for men is a street chic hoody with dual fabrics and an asymmetrical zipper. Contact her to learn more about pricing and sizing, as this one hasn’t quite hit the final production lines yet!

As for the ladies, you need only look below, and to the left. The left piece is one of Kim’s designs from last year when the Discollection store was open. I own a kdon hoodie, and I consistently get compliments on it. Her women’s designs are funky, fresh and not at all intimidating to wear…only intimidating to passersby (they’re all wishing they had a piece of kdon on!) Check out her women’s designs!

Above four photos by Kris Krug

Left sidebar photo by me


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