A Hoodie Actually Worth Wearing [And In Leather, No Less!] Brought To Us By Mike & Chris

As leathers have made a rippling comeback on all things fashion, Mike & Chris have brought us the wonder of their leather hoody.

This is your favourite leather jacket, only improved with 5 front buttons, cuff buttons and a detachable hood. This is without question the most beautiful piece of [semi]affordable leather wear a designer has released during recent months.

When used as a layering piece or a stand alone top, this jacket will surely catapult you to the top of the fashion game if put together correctly. Don’t take fashion tips from celebs when it comes to this piece; all the photos of ladies in their streetwear prove that their day-to-day outfits fall flat without a stylists’ approval.

The piece has a $915 US price tag, though for something that will be wearable throughout the seasons (wonderful for evening or chilly summer days as well as an option for winter wear). Leather is classic and can stand the test of time.

If you’re looking to invest in an outerwear staple usable for years to come, I would recommend this. Really, if you think about ordinary and dull pieces from outlets like Danier Leather cost upwards of $399. This Mike & Chris incarnation is both stylish and edgy, but not so trendy that it will become immediately outdated once 2008 passes us by.

A Hoodie Actually Worth Wearing [And In Leather, No Less!] Brought To Us By Mike & Chris

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I love this. Mike & Chris are excellent quality. I heard that is about to start carrying men’s clothing and they are starting with Mike and Chris next monday. They have great deals on this site, sometimes 70% off

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