Where To Buy Your Over The Knee Socks In Vancouver

Girls need a variety of socks in different lengths to complete various outfits. This is basic fact.

Below are my favourite places to scout out my thigh high or over the knee socks in Vancouver:

American Apparel
While they aren’t the cheapest, they do have the most style and color selections. Prices range from $10-17 per pair. My favourites are the solid thigh highs (pictured below), and the chain link thigh highs.

While it truly depends on the luck of the draw when it comes to color, style and branding with this store, you can find some great deals on good names.  Prices range from $5-15.

The Bay and Sears
Yeah, I know. Both stores give me the creeps too, but they have dependable stock. They likely won’t have funky colors, but if you’re looking for something in a basic black or gray then you’ll probably be in luck…just bring an umbrella to fend off any rabid grannies that catch your scent in their territory.  Prices range from $7-15.

Socks are one of those things you can purchase online with little risk involved. As long as you pay attention to the approximate shoe size of the sock (9-11 for instance), then you’re golden. Socks are generally priced cheaper online as well, and can be purchased in bulk packages for additional savings.  Prices range from$0.99-$25.

Listings for over the knee socks
Listings for thigh high socks

Happy hunting!

Where To Buy Your Over-The-Knee Socks


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If you don’t mind ordering online, I’ve found that has an AMAZING selection of fantastic tights, socks, and everything in-between. They also feature honest reviews of whether or not the sock will stay up (which is good when buying knee high or thigh high socks and tights), which is a refreshing bonus.

Comment by Doozy

There’s this awesome store on main street that has the largest selection of socks I’ve ever seen (and priced reasonably too!) A lot of different and some very strange styles 😛 I don’t remember the name, maybe Boris does. Next time I’m wandering down main st. I’ll keep eyes open for and let you know

Comment by Alexa

Id’ be interesting in hearing what that shop is, too! Do you know what other stores it’s close to?

Comment by doozy

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