Only For The Brave: American Apparel Black Eel Lamé Leggings
January 9, 2008, 9:36 pm
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As American Apparel continues churning out new options for their lamé legging line, I find this fabric keeps looking better and more fun to wear.Case and point: the black eel leggings. These are hot tamales.

I keep having visions of layering dancing through my head involving high waisted schoolboy shorts, tight button up cardies and v-necks under a necklace full of brass vintage trinkets!

Like their metallic counterparts, these leggings are not for the faint of wear. Their fit is unforgiving, so my best suggestion is to get your rear into a gym (or a suitable substitute) before you throw these on. They are still within the $40 CA price point for us Vancouver shoppers, which is fortunate as the leggings become more textured and extravagant.

For daring fashionistas everywhere, the black eel leggings are also available with a high waist ($46 CA).

Just remember: leggings are not pants…don’t forget to cover your bum!
American Apparel Black Eel Lamé Leggings

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I also must admit my love for these leggings!
I can’t help but disagree with you about the etiquette of wearing them! I LOVE leggings as pants! I say, wear them with a men’s button up and tie and show off your hot ass!

Comment by gaycondo

omg, i was just going to get a pair of these this weekend! it’s like you’re reading my mind. now questions: how am i going to wear these? i know, tunics, right? but i would love more suggestions/options if you have them. i’m going to vegas next week for my bday and i want to rock em hard! i like the idea of mens button up and tie…any more suggestions?

Comment by heidi


Comment by The Publics


Comment by dryhumourwetcoast

Try wearing with a high waisted skirt, a very short dress (to give your legs extra length!), or I’m sure you could even pull off a super tiny wrap dress like in this photo 🙂
I’m sure it would look pretty rad if you worked in some more muted silver tones (like brushed silver jewelery or a thin silver scarf) to really make your party outfit pop!

Comment by Victoria Potter

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