Spring Fashion Trend 2008 | Colorful Legs For Spring & Summer
January 8, 2008, 5:42 pm
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I’m about to give you another reason to love Target.

Last November, my friends Stephanie and Quentin made the journey to America for their annual Thanksgiving weekend sale insanity. On our way back from the Tulalip outlets, we had a pit stop in Bellingham to stretch our legs and visit the local Target. Inside, Stephanie and I came upon the most brilliant (and cheap!) colored opaque tights.

At $5.99 US each; these rock the hell out of American Apparel, where you’ll be paying upwards of $16 per pair. While you don’t quite have the wide selection of colors at Target that you do at AA, more hues have been added since November.

Colors available: teal (shown below), light blue, royal blue, yellow, red, pink, gray and black. Footed and footless are both available.

Check out Target’s full Xhilaration® tight line here.

I’ve worn my tights fairly regularly within the last month and a half, and they have not shown any visible wear and tear that cheap tights usually do.

The site offers two packs for $9.99 US, but unless you have located a shipping broker across the line you cannot have them shipped to you. My best suggestion would be to take a day trip out there and enjoy the sights. The fact that these tights are $5.99 as a regular price point still floors me.

Thank you, America!

Spring Fashion Trend 2008 | Colorful Legs For Spring & Summer



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The sights? Of… Bellingham?

Comment by Sam

yep…who wouldn’t want to look at taco bell, car washes or strip malls?

Comment by Victoria Potter

Add to the above comments, the disadvantages of having to deal with lengthy border lineups, the lack of support for retailers in Vancouver, the environmentally unfriendly emissions created by car trips down to the United States.

Comment by Emmy

@Emmy: border lineups aren’t always lengthly, one could always take a bus and no matter how hard you try you can’t always get absolutely everything you want in Canada.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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