Simply Horrific
January 3, 2008, 1:53 am
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I decided to check out The Commodified (a Vancouver hipster street style blog), and found an image that truly stood out and absolutely horrified me (posted below).

Simply Horrific

I won’t even go into what is wrong with this girls’ outfit (because that is too painfully obvious to bother discussing), but jump straight to the hideous display of disrespect from this little blond twat for the man pictured.

The look on his face while he holds that plate of pizza juxtaposed with her disgusting Paris Hilton-esque kissy face and pink pepto 80s mini dress makes me ill. Seeing this photo on a blog that gets a fair bit of exposure and has a high readership is silly and embarrassing.

Come on guys, you should really know better.


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I appreciate the discussion you’ve brought up! When I took this picture I was really hesitant because I didn’t want to be perceived as exploiting the man. I took the risk, though, because I thought it was important too portray a less glamourous image of street style. Her outfit epitomizes the excesses of fashion. Whoever designed this 1980s prom dress was clearly inspired by Christian Lacroix, whose extravagant dresses parodied the materiality of 1980s wealth. So perhaps it is appropriate that the girl pictured is posing beside a downtown eastside resident?

Comment by The Commodified

hey Craig. That’s definitely a fair argument, and did put the photo in a new light.

I really think you should put that statement below the photo or do a post on that aspect of street fashion + link up the page.

When an audience must read between the lines of an image like that, not all will understand what you’re shooting for! 🙂

Comment by Victoria Potter

Thanks Victoria. I’ve added our conversation as a new blog post. Did you notice my link under “downtown eastside?”… that was me being subtle.

Comment by The Commodified

hahaha nice

Comment by Victoria Potter

I think your usage of “little blond twat” is the most embarrassing of the things going on here. if you’re going to be self-righteous, you should at least try not to be offensive yourself.

Comment by Wrenkin

If you think I’m trying to be self righteous, you’ve missed my point entirely.

Comment by Victoria Potter

yeah, but i happen to know that she is in fact a twat

Comment by max

victoria, youre a twat.
now blog about me.

Comment by joanandajax

I love you too, Kenneth.

Comment by Victoria Potter

but enough about us. lets talk lacroix.

Comment by joanandajax

Let them eat cake.

Comment by Drew Willis for DOSSIER

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