Fashion New Year’s Resolutions For All To Live By | 2008 Edition
January 2, 2008, 9:12 pm
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As we near the point where everyone reviews all the things they’ve buggered up during the last 12 months and decides upon some point of improvement; many of us put our visual representation under a lifestyle microscope.

Aside from the ever popular weight loss resolution, there is choice of a the style resolution (or revolution, if you prefer). Use this coming year as an excuse to throw these plans in motion, and, if you feel so inclined; take the following under consideration:

  1. Second guess potential purchases when it comes to sale or clearance items.
    This has been a constant struggle of mine with many shiny things I’ve come across during my retail hunts. You get ravaged by “but it’s on clearance!” or “that’s such a good deal!”, and can’t leave something that you really don’t have a use for or will wear. Pass it up. If you see it the next time you’re at the store and know how you will be working the piece into your wardrobe, then by all means buy it.
  2. Don’t buy something that you think you’ll fit into in a few months.
    Don’t bet on dropping down to that ideal size, actually get your rear into the gym (or wherever you like to do your physical activity) and git ‘er done!
  3. Check out hot runway colors/styles before leaving for shopping.
    If one has an idea as to what they should be looking for before exiting their abode, there will be less chances of buyer’s remorse. I know for myself the chances of something actually getting returned after it is purchased goes down drastically in likelihood after I walk out the doors of wherever I’m shopping, so just avoid it! This will also dodge being nailed on a store’s returning black list.
  4. Actually try things on.
    If you don’t have time to try something on, save yourself the wasted money from it never being worn or returned. All designers have different fits with the same sizes, so take the time to discover if the piece is right for your body.
  5. Spread your pieces out when it comes to color, function and season.
    The last thing one needs when summer approaches is a closet full of grey knits and nothing acceptable for warmer weather. Though those leather gloves may have you grasping for a pair in every color, you can’t utilize all of them often enough to warrant a spend of that amount while spring shopping is a more pressing (and quickly upcoming) requirement.
  6. Check out local brands and support your local designers!
    Wherever you are, there is much creativity and talent waiting to be found. More often than not, local talent spends a great deal of time and effort into creating high quality designs and pieces. Not only that, but these designs usually are more cutting edge, creative and affordable than something designer and mass produced. Check out my blogroll for local stores and designers I personally recommend.

The best of luck to you all in this coming year. Have a fantastic 2008!

Fashion New Year’s Resolutions For All To Live By | 2008 Edition

Photo taken at Mandula/882 Homer/Vancouver, B.C.


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Great tips! Any suggestions on where to find a wedding dress in town that doesn’t break the bank?

Comment by maurarodgers

I’ll whip up an article! =)

Comment by Victoria Potter

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