Mandula: Local Vancouver Design At Its Best

I had the supreme pleasure of spending some time at Mandula in Vancouver (882 Homer Street) with my friend Kim and the designer/owner Hajnalka. We chatted over some wine and Toblerone and I tortured myself over her designs.

Every single thread created within the doors of Mandula is hand dyed, organic grown fabrics treated locally in Vancouver. As if the beautiful threads were not reason enough to shop here, you’re also supporting the local Canadian fashion industry on so many levels.

Local Vancouver Design At Its Best

She has the funkiest hand-wrinkled scarves, and many of the pieces have long ties you can wrap around your arms, torso or wherever you choose. It really gives you the freedom to give your outfit your own personal interpretation and flair without a great amount of effort. I put on my favorite Alexander McQueen-esque plaid dress (or a skirt, if the black tube top is folded down) for a bit of a photo example of exactly what you can find at Mandula.

These beauties will cost you. The dress I am wearing below costs approx. $750 (I assure you, it’s worth it!). If you can afford these threads, then bust out that Platinum card as fast as you can and bid Hajnalka or one of her associates a hello! You will be in good hands.

I’ll post some photos I took of the clothing below. The whole set is located on Flickr.


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