Paperbird Fashion Show At 1181
November 24, 2007, 12:02 am
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Last night was Paperbird’s fashion preview/tease at 1181. I say it was a tease because we got to see six outfits. That’s it. I’ve got to tell you, I was expecting at least double to triple the amount of clothing shown. I’ll start from the beginning.

The venue was 1181 on Davie Street. 1181 is a quaint, classy lounge. Unfortunatley, the actual sizing and layout of the room could not accommodate the mob of fashion hungry onlookers. You could see absolutley nothing of the girls walking up and down unless you were in the first few rows of people watching.

Additonally, the amount of people concentrated in the one spot made the venue extremely hot. Normally, this would be tolerated, but the show was over in, say, 10 minutes. The outfits were largely unimpressive and the models sub-par. I eventually weasled myself [and my camera] close enough to get a few shots of the girls, but most of the time the projection from the wall was covering their face with the “gossip” text. It was very distracting to the actual clothing, and seemed a bit amateur.

I really don’t know what happened here. On the Paperbird site, I really like their designs. They are a tad on the plain side, but pair with other pieces that have more flair and individuality and you’ve got a winning visual ticket.

Apparently the Small Town Jeans show at the Bourbon (in Gastown) was off the hook. It was unfortunate that both shows started at the same time! Apparently I made the wrong venue choice.

Paperbird Fashion Show At 1181


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We’re in Vancouver. What did you expect? lol

I never spend my money on any clothing designed here, far too basic and the sewing skills are so bad, its pathetic.

The ‘designers’ here are so cookie cutter. No imagination, lack of focus, feeble dreams, coke habits with part time jobs. If they aren’t couch surfing somewhere, they are buying material at Dressew thinking they are going to create something original, then wonder why they can’t sell something 15 times what its worth.

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