Pete Doherty Must Be Immortal, Looks Divine In Fall Cavalli Ads
November 7, 2007, 7:18 pm
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As we all know, Pete Doherty loves heroin. There are many that argue that he was probably consumed enough contraband to kill off a herd of elephants. I, for one, have come to the conclusion that he must be immortal. The man is either up to his burned out nostrils in positive luck or is Jesus in disguise; trying to judge the state of humanity today and how far he can take things before all hell breaks loose (no pun intended of course).

Seeing these Cavalli ads featuring Pete really saddens me; not because he will probably blow most of this modelling cash on smack, but because he looks so damn good when he’s all showered up and not blitzed! The man is very attractive. It pains me to see him looking like this, when we all know it’s possible to have the below look all the damn time.

Though I do like the photos, not much of the Cavalli line is really being flogged here. For images that are supposed to represent the entire menswear line for Fall/Winter 2007, the lack of actual advertisement for the house is painfully apparent; though we (or at least I) always enjoy a groomed and beautified Pete.

I’ve always enjoyed Doherty’s sense of style, especially his old world hats, fitted pants and blazers. The man is truly the spirit of rock and roll rebellion, put forth both spiritually and visually in the most unapologetic sense. Whether you love him or hate him, you cannot possibly deny the style that lives within his tortured body. Undoubtedly, anything on musical path that he sets his mind on he can conquer, I only hope that he dosen’t kill himself on his way.


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