North America’s Only Heaven’s Playground Closes
November 5, 2007, 5:53 pm
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West-coast North America lost a brave soldier in the street style war this weekend.

Granville Street’s (Vancouver, B.C.) location was the only Heaven’s Playground in North America. The store carried Gsus exclusively, and had the most extensive collection that one would hope to get over on this side of the pond. There are many reasons why I like this label, the designs are adventurous, their men’s collection isn’t the doldrums, and they always had outrageous seasonal themes (the latest for Fall being Amish vikings!).

Besides the fact that I will miss their retail offerings, two of my friends are sadly now unemployed. The biggest kicker was that the corporate cats apparently called a meeting this last Friday and told them the store was to close the next day! I really would have expected better.

I’m disappointed that this company did not give their employees a chance to find new work, or liquidate their current stock to the people who had been loyal customers to them for the last few years. It’s quite sad to think that corporate greed won this round.

My thoughts are this: if the company was running the store at a loss for, say, the entire two years they were at this location; then what would be another two weeks? The gains for their employees would increase by scores, even if there was additional minor loss to the company; not to mention the fact that they could save on shipping their whole lot of merchandise back to Europe by having a sale.

Gsus, you could have done much, much better.

North America’s Only Heaven’s Playground Closes


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Visited this store once and found their offerings difficult to wear if I wasn’t a twentysomething hipster with a bit of coin.

Chalk up its closure to a competitive retail scene, the store’s lack of profile among customers, rising retail rents on Granville Street.

As for the sudden closure, when some Lower Mainland shoppers don’t think twice about cross-border shopping (especially for brands that we have here), loyalty (among customers and businesses) is a rare commodity these days. Definitely a terrible move on Heaven’s Playground; I wonder if they broke any labour laws in the process?

Comment by Emmy

I agree, the pieces are difficult to wear for a lot of people that don’t fit that motif, and they really didn’t have any brand identity. *sigh

I am convinced that they did, a lawyer actually asked me to forward on their contact details to my friends because she said they had a shot at a suit against them, but I’m not sure if anything came of it.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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