I’ll Pass On The “Fancy” Wellies

If you’re over six and have no reasonable excuse (such as clamming), do yourself a favor and pass on these fancy wellies. I’ve seen these popping up on Winner’s shelves, and I’m really not sure what frightens me more; the color combinations (with possible glitter) or the fact that these things can’t seem to stay in stock.

The scariest have got to be the animal print. What grown woman should be traipsing around the city sporting a pair of leopard print rubber boots? No self respecting one. I wouldn’t call this bit embracing your inner child, either. Children should not be made to wear such atrocities; as we expect with adults.

I came across a site where I fished off some images of these beasts. Sadly these have been unleashed by a British Company onto this world.

There is one saving grace [throughout my entire online search] to the whole printed wellie craze. Burberry, yet again, has provided us with the classiest option for a rain boot possible. Their Nova Check boot offers the same functionality, yet saves our eyes for despair. This could look potentially darling among a matching Nova Check umbrella and military trench; though the downer is they are $170 USD
Burberry Wellies

My thoughts on the matter are this: if you decide you simply must have a pair, save up. During that time, you can decide if you really want to wear something a fifth grader will be pulling on to jump in the school yard puddles with. It’s your call.


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