I Love Love Love Suspenders

I’m going to come out and say it.

I love suspenders.

The whole idea of an androgynous uniforms for women have always appealed to me fashion-wise and I am thrilled for the glorious return of the suspender!

There are a few things to consider before you don a pair of these delights:

What are you pairing them with? Nothing, after all, screams visual disaster moreso than strong accessories that clash with your overall look and colors. Be sure to take those pants and shorts into consideration with your top (especially if you’re wearing bold colors or prints) to be sure that they will jive with your final addition.

How androgynous do you want to look? To achieve a more feminine air, utilize a lower cut silk blouse or deep vneck sweater with a more fitted cut. If you’re ready to cross into a realm previously only permitted for the boys (and my personal preference) select a more standard shirt or sweater with a higher neckline and pair with a Palestinian or tea scar and a light blazer. The suspenders can be worn under or over the blazer, depending on how bold you want to be!

What is your style? Bear in mind the ensemble dictates how successful your end visual will be, and how much it impacts your audience. If you’re going for the Kate Moss Dior Homme-esque look, chances are you’ll be successful. If you’re pairing only jeans and a sweater you must be more careful and pay attention to the few details you have that will stand out the most.

What is your body type? Suspenders grab attention towards your mid-section, so make sure you’re wearing an appropriatley cut top that will compliment the look.

Some naysayers will denounce this trend, saying it’s clownish and silly. I heartily disagree, as long as you’re put some thought into all of your pieces and have coordinated well you’ll have this one in the bag.

I Love Love Love Suspenders


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Excellent tips! I so love suspenders! Glad you blogged about this!

Comment by wholesale clothing

where can I find suspenders in Vancouver?

Comment by Ali

@Ali: I’ve purchased mine at Value Village; but you can find them at various outlets like Urban Outfitters, and H&M (though that is technically Coquitlam I suppose). Thinner suspenders are generally sold when buying new; you’ll find thicker & more boyish ones second hand.

If you’re looking for vintage braces, you would do well to check out Used on Granville as well as True Value Vintage.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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