High Waisted

Coming from someone who thinks a 5 inch zipper is lengthy enough; this recent wave of high waisted offerings really didn’t thrill me at first look.

Initially, all I could see in my mind was the dreaded “mom” jeans. You know the ones. Hopefully it wasn’t actually your mother wearing these frightening straight-from-the-early 90s hell beasts of the denim world; but I can personally recall a friend of mine during my high school days having a mother who ponched it up with the best of ‘em. I mentally reviewed the possibility of this on me, shuddered in disgust and moved on.

I had forgotten a few things in my initial shell shock:

1) I don’t have a granny ponch.

2) I’m not going to tuck in a tent-like denim shirt.

3) Designers do know how to cut things differently and more flatteringly, I mean, times change.

4) If you pair the pants or skirt with the right top, the high waist can actually be very flattering!

5) I’m not in the 90s anymore. It slips my mind from time to time.

I found out a couple nights ago while I was doing my semi-annual wardrobe cull that I actually do own a high waisted mini-skirt. It was one of those Value Village “its $2.50 so I won’t bother trying it on” kind of deals.

Having little experience in this field, I put it on and threw on a few different shirts to see which looked better. Surprisingly, I ended up settling with my black “drop beats not bombs” t-shirt from TopShop. The letters started just after the point where the skirt ended if tucked in, so things jived well. Unfortunately I never actually ended up going out, so the combination is lying low until this weekend (hopefully!).

I’ve found two particular high waisted skirts that I prefer overall: American Apparel’s and the Gsus pink pencil skirt. Sadly, the Gsus skirt was from the summer collection and is now nearly impossible to find. Not even an eBay query returned any results to “Gsus high waist”. Sigh.

Left to right: unknown, Miss Selfridge

Models are mainly pictured with a blouse-type top, though I encourage you to get creative with ripped up t-shirts or something edgy. I did see a photo of some random at a magazine party a month back wearing this skirt and she had made the mistake of pairing it with another Gsus t-shirt saying “fuck you and everyone you know”. This top would have been brilliant in another pairing, but the bottom words were cut off within the skirt. How do you miss that?!

The above denim is by Miss Selfridge (a UK label). They’re hitting another trend mark straight between the eyes with their inclusion of some lovely purple suspenders as well!

There are definitely some pluses when going for these bottoms; case and point:

1) No more muffin tops. For those unfamiliar; they are unsightly saddlebags of fat [a.k.a. love handles] that pour over the brim of pants that fit too tightly. This is a most unflattering look that can make the skinniest girl look like you’ve just swallowed a bucket full of pudding.

2) No more bum cracks or underwear ride-ups. For those who are familiar with the mentally slaughtering sight of some woman’s crack in your face or the rollercoaster ride up of a hello kitty thong, this one will get you cheering.

3) They define that waist of yours. Have a small waist hiding under those layers? This will surely bring it out.

For those of you that decide to venture down the high waist road, please bear the following in mind: this is a very unforgiving cut! If you have an out of shape mid-section, don’t bother. Nobody wants to look like a rolled sausage. I also hazard you to watch your hips; the very thing that can give you a visual advantage waist-wise can get cancelled out easily if your hips look as wide as a football net.

Though I normally approve of most suspect American Apparel styled items (especially lamé!), their Vegas high-waisted hot shorts scare me half to death. I openly challenge anyone to put these on and make them look damn good. If you think you can, upload the photo to a photo share, such as Flickr, and link me up.

Vegas High-Waisted Hot Short


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Ive never been so particular with high waist style, didn’t realize the “do’s and dont’s” until I read your article. Very informative!

Comment by wholesale clothing

what about short (but skinny) with this style

Comment by Andrea

Of course! I own a great pair of black subtley pinstriped high waisted shorts and wear them all the time.

Comment by Victoria Potter

forgive my ignorance
but i never knew that wearing shorts would
be an ideal outfit
until now!
thanks! Very objective info

Comment by janet

Cool Article. I myself am obssessed with high waisted items. Those shorts from American Apparel even make the model look fat! Imagine how it would look on a normal sized chick!

Comment by adorability

Yeah, they certainly aren’t flattering…I’ll stick with lamé leggings and shorts, thank you!

Comment by Victoria Potter

So glad I read your article! I almost bought a pair of high waisted shorts today since I have a long torso… but I also have a chubby one as well. Thanx for the tip.. I think I’ll stick with what I have.

Comment by Jennifer Perez

If that model looks fat….I better start being bulemic cause I must be a whale!!

Comment by Tavalua

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